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The international 'Social Work & Society' Academy (TiSSA)

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Christian Christrup Kjeldsen - Taler

This presentation introduces the current cooperative EU project “Making Capabilities Work” (WorkAble), in which 12 European partners participate. WorkAble scrutinises strategies to enhance the social sustainability and economic competitiveness of Europe by strengthening the capabilities of young people to actively shape their personal and work lives in knowledge societies and cope with todays economic, cultural, demographic and technological challenges. The basic question is which personal, social and institutional conditions are necessary not only to succeed in the labour markets of European knowledge societies (Human Capital Approach), but also to maintain autonomy and freedom of choice (Human Development Approach).
26 aug. 201230 aug. 2012


KonferenceThe international 'Social Work & Society' Academy (TiSSA)
AfholdelsesstedUniversity of Bucharest: Faculty of Sociology and Social Work

ID: 48278491