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The house, its space and the climatic change

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Rainer Atzbach - Arrangør

Nowadays, the climatic change is an important topic of society and science. But this is not the first time that mankind faces deep climatic alterations which influenced everyday life, society and even history: Written records, pictorial sources and climatic reconstructions point out two very different periods of climate in Central and Northern Europe between the 8th and the 18th century. The "Medieval Optimum" (800‐1200 AD) with its almost Mediterranean climate enabled the settlements on Greenland, the first reported discovery of America and the spread of wine cultures over the continent. The "Little Ice Age" (1450‐1750) brought heavy floods, cold and wet summers, deeply changed the agrarian structure and might have caused the shift from the Baltic‐ Mediterranean to the Atlantic trade system. This research seminar seeks to explore in how far these two explicit periods of extreme climate influenced the medieval and post‐medieval house and its inhabitants. The papers will regard the construction of windows, walls and heating systems, but will also give an insight into specific solutions of ground plans and the change of functions in a house during the seasons of a year or under special climatic conditions between the Alps, the Massif Central and Scandinavia.
5 dec. 2012


KonferenceThe house, its space and the climatic change
AfholdelsesstedMoesgård, Building 4235, Auditorium 5



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