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Lars Vabbersgaard Andersen - Deltager

PhD Students
2003–2006: Morten Liingaard: “Dynamic Behaviour of Suction Caissons” (co-supervisor)
2003–2006: Anders Hust Augustesen: “The Effects of Time on Soil Behaviour and Pile Capacity (co-supervisor)
2004–2007: Johan Clausen: “Efficient Non-Linear Finite Element Implementation of Elasto-Plasticity for Geotechnical Problems” (co-supervisor)
2006–2009: Søren M. Andersen: “The Material Point Method for Analysis of Soil” (supervisor)
2008–2011: Claus Köser: “Sealing Material of Groundwater Wells” (co-supervisor)
2010–2013: Anastasia Nezhentseva: “Composit shell foundations made of high-tension concrete and steel sheets” (supervisor)
2011–2014: Kristoffer Ahrens Dickow: “Prediction of Noise Transmission in Lightweight Building Structures” (co-supervisor)
2011–2014: Parthkumar Gandalal Domadiya: “Mitigation of Structure Borne Noise in Wooden Panels by Periodic Stiffening” (supervisor)
2011–2014: Mohammad Javad Vahdatirad: “Reliability-Based Design of Wind Turbine Foundations—Computational Modelling” (supervisor)
2011–2014: Søren Madsen: “Buckling of Bucket Foundations during Installation” (supervisor)
2011–2014: Mads Damgaard: “Dynamic Properties of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations” (supervisor)
2011-2016: Kristina Thomassen: “Experimental Investigations of Tension Piles in Sand Subjected to Static and Cyclic Loading” (co-supervisor)
2012–2016: Mehdi Bayat: “Stiffness and Damping related to steady state soil-structure Interaction of monopiles” (supervisor)
2013–2016: Sarah Firouzianbandpey: “Reliability-Based Design of Wind Turbine Foundations—Geotechnical Site Assessment” (co-supervisor)
2016–2019: Paulius Bucinskas: “Propagation and effects of vibrations in densely populated urban environments” (supervisor) 

Master Thesis Projects 2017
“Development of drivability model for piles for offshore wind turbines”, Mads Helsager Harpøth; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Prediction of wave propagation in soils using semi-analytic method”, Forid Gobuzi, Lander Iglesias Bengoa, and Erik Vano.
Master Thesis Projects 2016
“Dynamic Analysis of Periodic Structures”, Samsor Sohil; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Buckling of Steel Shell Structures”, Kasper Knudsen and Mads Thorup; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Drivability of piles for offshore wind turbines”, Kristian Gunnersen and Lukasz Pasich; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Dynamic analysis of Soil-Foundation Interaction”, Joeri Nithan Prins; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Elasto-plastic concrete beam analysis by 1-dimensional Finite Element Method”, Niels Færch Overgaard and Martin Bundgaard Andreasen; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Ground Vibrations: Effects of masses placed on or in the ground”, Ioan-Oreste Paven, Mihai Muresan, and Liviu-Ionut Muresan; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Nonlinear analysis of earthquake-induced vibrations”, Vlad Inculet; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Non-linear Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analyses of Reinforced Concrete Structures”, Michele de Filippo; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“The Boatyard 2.0”, Julie Skovgaard Klok; Architecture.
“Vistula Water Center”, Amer Habibovic, Jerzy Maria Biel, and Danilo Stolfi; Architecture.

Master Thesis Projects 2015
“A Visitor Center at Stevns Klint”, Henrik Jacobsen and David Møller Thomsen; Architecture.
“A Walk In Nature: Architecture in water near areas”, Casper Malmberg Skaftved; Architecture.
“Cheddar Gorge Brewery”, Matthew Joseph Mummery and Maria Westring Heilberg; Architecture.
“Comparison between 2D and 3D considerations of a railway embankment”, Britta Seidenkrantz Søndergaard; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Dynamic analysis of a bridge structure exposed to high-speed railway traffic”, Paulius Bucinskas, Liuba Agapii, and Jonas Sneideris; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Home: Tectonic of the contemporary dwelling—Strategies for the city of Milan”, Egle Costantinopoli; Architecture.
“Klarup Kindergarten”, Mahamed Ali Mohamud; Architecture.
“Makoko School: A learning Environment”, Henry Matovu; Architecture.
“Modellering af sandwichelementers dynamiske egenskaber”, Nicolai Tranberg Kongsgaard and Thomas Holm; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Modelling of Random Variations in Soil Properties”, Weerapong Penriya and Marta Marton; Structural and Civil Engineering.

Master Thesis Projects 2014
“Combination”, Anna Kristin Magnusdottir; Architecture.
“Dynamic amplification of deformations in railways due to high-speed traffic on soft ground”, Søren Holm and Andreas Elkjær Riis; Structural and Civil Engineering
“Nonlinear Numerical Analysis of a Dynamically Loaded Wind Turbine Tower”, Rasmus Bøgelund Madsen and Christian Munk Svendsen; Structural and Civil Engineering.
“Total Stability Analysis of Traditional and Innovative Rubble Mound Breakwater”, Lars Jensen and Paw Leon Andersen; Structural and Civil Engineering.

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