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Studying Robots Outside the Lab: how ethnographic studies of robots in practice benefit HRI

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Lasse Blond - Foredragsholder

My ethnographic fieldwork concerning the transfer and implementation of South Korean socially assistive robots in elderly care practices in Finland and Denmark stresses the temporal and contextual aspects of the adaptation process. By combining HRI-studies with ethnography and STS-perspectives, I want to emphasize robots as multistable and recognize that robots like other artefacts are enveloped in social practices; that their role is constructed in these practices and not something that can be designed in advance. My empirical findings highlight the reciprocity of human-robotics relations and allow the roboticist to grasp robots as shapers of culture and shaped by the cultural context of their use. Knowledge generated from ethnography and ethnographic data thus seem valuable, not only as an important contribution to the conceptual development in HRI-studies, but also as a way to ground future designs of robots and their imagined uses in real life contexts.
5 mar. 2018

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelHRI 2018
Forkortet titelHRI 2018
AfholdelsesstedMcCormick Place in Chicago, IL
Grad af anerkendelseInternational begivenhed


  • robotics, robots in the wild, ethnography, STS, Human robot interaction, social robots, adaptation, implementation of robots, usability, practice studies

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