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Spectral Methods in Mathematical Physics

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Søren Fournais - Deltager

Mathematical Physics aims at a mathematically rigorous understanding of complex phenomena in nature. The program is particularly concerned with quantum effects and, in particular, with the theory of Schroedinger’s equation. Both classical one-body Schroedinger operator theory (including topics like semi-classical analysis, eigenvalue inequalities, Anderson localization, non-selfadjoint operators) and many-body theory (including questions about ground state properties and dynamics in deterministic and random systems, and also the study of non-linear effective equations) are covered.

Our goal is to provide an update for the community on recent results, a discussion forum for future research goals and a starting point for new collaborations in the stimulating atmosphere of Institut Mittag-Leffler.

Participation in the program is by invitation only.
14 jan. 201926 apr. 2019


AndetSpectral Methods in Mathematical Physics
AfholdelsesstedInstitut Mittag-Leffler


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