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Shy faces, digital subjects and acts of disappearing

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Lea Laura Michelsen - Arrangør

Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen - Arrangør

The book Shrinking Violets by cultural theorist Joe Moran describes a syndrome where people are so shy that they cannot bear the fact that other people might be looking at their corpse when they die. Shyness is blushing, lack of eye-contact, striking self-consciousness, and unintentional unwillingness to contribute to a conversation.
Shyness is by some researchers understood as biological dispositions, whereas others understand it as a socially relational phenomenon. We also propose an understanding of the shy subject on a more conceptual level, where ‘the shy’ is understood as a figure determined by reluctance and high self-awareness (i.e. high sensibility towards surveillance systems such as biometrics and the collection of personal data on social media networks).

With this seminar we wish to pay attention to the clashes between ‘the shy’ and expectations expressed by systems, be it cultural norms, interfaces or art institutions.

The seminar gathers sociologists, literary scholars, cultural theorists as well as artists within the field of new media art.
6 sep. 20187 sep. 2018


SeminarShy faces, digital subjects and acts of disappearing


  • Generthed, Digitale subjekter, Ansigter, Rødmen, Selvbevidsthed, Overvågning, Biometrik, Sociale medier, Privatliv, Digital etik

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