Seminar: Brexit and Ireland

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Sara Dybris McQuaid - Arrangør

Rasmus Nørlem - Arrangør

Dr. Kay Hayward - Arrangør

A seminar on Ireland, Northern Ireland and Brexit at the Danish Parliament with the Foreign Affairs Committee and Danish Foreign Policy Society including Dr. Kay Hayward from Queens University, Belfast

One of the main topics of the Brexit negotiations is the future of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which will be the only land border between the EU and the United Kingdom (besides Gibraltar).

Dr. Katy Hayward from Queen's University in Belfast will give a talk on Brexit and (Northern) Irish border issues.
Rasmus Nørlem Sørensen, chief analyst at DEO, will join in a discussion on the EU’s role in the British-Irish border question.
Sara Dybris McQuaid, Director of the Centre for Irish Studies, Aarhus University, will moderate the discussion.


Relations between the two parts of the island of Ireland was a crucial component of the 1998 peace agreement that formally ended hostilities in Northern Ireland and Common British and Irish membership of the EU has made the border almost invisible.

With Brexit things are set to change. Both the EU, the UK and the Republic of Ireland want to avoid a ‘hard’ border, but it might prove impossible if the different sides want to pursue separate politics. This means that creative thinking on the border issues is crucial.
24 okt. 2017


SeminarSeminar: Brexit and Ireland
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