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Globalization: Migration and Capital Flows

Four main flows between the Developed Countries (DCs) and the LDCs have greatly increased in the last half century: 1) information flows, 2) trade flows, 3) Labor flows. About 1 million persons move every year from the LDCs to the DCs. 4) capital flows. Flows of loans, FDIs, aid, resource rent and remittances have increased much faster than trade flows.  The project attempts to analyze the latter two flows, as we propose to make a set of related papers on various aspects of these flows. The group of labor flow studies deal with the effects both in the LDCs loosing the labour, but receiving remittances instead, and in the DCs receiving immigrants. Besides economic effects there are social effects, effects on knowledge, networks, etc. The group of financial flow studies deal with the effects of remittances on LDCs. Specifically, we propose to test whether remittances increase upward social mobility and reduced downward social mobility, or whether, alternatively, moral hazard effects can be identified at the individual level.
Emneord: Globalisering, flows, migration, and remittances
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19 jan. 2006 → …

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NavnSamfundsvidenskabeligt fakultet


  • Globalisering, flows, migration, and remittances

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