Restoration of Danish marine areas - on ecosystem and habitat level

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Karsten Dahl - Foredragsholder

Danish waters were severely eutrofied by wastewater and fertilizers from agricultural areas. Severe ecosystem effects were observed during the 1980s and very serious political action with high costs was taken in 1988 to improve the situation. Besides the large scale effects of eutrophication, degradation of local habitats has occurred. An example of this is the more than hundred years of boulder extraction for marine construction. This has affected the area covered with large boulders including the hard bottom communities. To improve this situation, the first EU funded reef restoration project was conducted in Danish waters in 2007.
I will present the political goals and actual achievements in ecosystem health obtained by reduced eutrophication of Danish waters. Also I will present preliminary results in terms of biomasses of biota gained by the reef restoration project as well as a number of individual species.

Presentation at The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA)
26 maj 2015

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelThe State University of Zanzibar
Dato26/05/2015 → …
LandTanzania, United Republic of

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