Recurrence Quantification Analysis Workshop

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Ali Amidi - Deltager

Recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) is a nonlinear, multidimensional tool for the diagnosis of real-world signals in time and space. This methodology has a two-decade history of successful implementation on dynamical systems stemming from multiple disciplines. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce RQA principles and strategies that may be applied to signals of interest to the attendees. We will discuss the purpose and proper selection of the many RQA parameters and how to interpret the various RQA variables. Specific approaches has RQA can be used to predict dynamical transitions between states will be explored. The influence of dynamical noise, non-steady states and system singularities on recurrence plots and quantifications will also be noted.
2 sep. 20135 sep. 2013


KonferenceRecurrence Quantification Analysis Workshop

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