Re-experiencing Urban Space: Affect, Digital Materiality and Interaction Design

    Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


    Interactive technologies are reconfiguring the way we experience urban space. Digital layers in the form of pervasive or ubiquitous computing are emerging everywhere creating hybrid spaces/Mixed Realities that challenge traditional conceptions of the city, as we know it as well as our idea of what “digital” is. A new form of digital materiality is developing, where the interactive technologies are no longer seen as detached from the material world. Dealing with the design of interactive environments, interaction design needs an adequate vocabulary for understanding and describing embodied urban experience as a resource in the design work. In this paper, I wish to propose the concept of affect – the level of experience where our non-conscious bodily meets our cognitive experience of the world and ourselves – as a conceptual starting point for the design work.
    Periode9 okt. 2008
    BegivenhedstitelSeminar on Emotional Geography
    ArrangørSzilvia Gyimóthy & Maria Månsson
    PlaceringHelsingborg, SverigeVis på kort