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Pollinators in Agriculture

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Peter Borgen Sørensen - Deltager

timulated by increasing recognition of the importance of insect pollination in maintaining yields of some crops, coupled with evidence that many species of pollinating insects have declined substantially. In particular, the impact of agronomic practice on pollinator success and, specifically, the impact of pesticide use on honey bees and other bees, has become a subject of public and political interest. The 2013 EU decision to suspend the use of a number of neonicotinoid insecticides has boosted research on pollinator exposure to insecticides and the potential for sublethal effects. Furthermore, whilst the importance of pollinators in agriculture is well documented, considerable gaps still exist in our understanding of pollinator ecology, pathology and population dynamics. This conference aims to bring together experts from a number of fields to explore and debate the latest research.
1 apr. 20143 apr. 2014


WorkshopPollinators in Agriculture

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