PLAYTrack Innovation Bootcamp: The Role of Documentation in Learning and Creativity

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On May 3rd, the PLAYTrack project at the IMC is hosting a bootcamp that explores documentation as a methodological framework for understanding shared creative processes and learning experiences. We begin the day with a hands-on workshop facilitated by pedagogista Tiziana Filippini and atelierista Marco Spaggiare from Reggio Children followed by presentations that reflect on the workshop by Ben Mardell & Mara Krechevsky (Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education) with Ruth Hesseldal (International School Billund), Jacob Fabricius (Kunsthal Aarhus), Tatiana Chemi (Aalborg University), Matt Karlsen (Opal School, Portland), Line Dalsgaard (Aarhus University) and our very own Andreas Roepstorff. The bootcamp takes place at Kunsthal Aarhus in the exhibition Host which gives participants the opportunity to document their own experience of the art during the workshop and presentations. We are particularly interested in the epistemological feedback that occurs when an experience is documented as part of the process. How do different documentation techniques impact experience at both individual and group levels at different stages in a process?
Periode3 maj 2019
Grad af anerkendelseInternational