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On slippery ground - critical reflexivity in academia

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Helle Merete Nordentoft - Foredragsholder

At the seminar, I would like to invite you all to a discussion about how we as academics understand and work with critical reflexivity when we give each other peer feedback in our academic practices. The outset for this discussion is a narrative about a paper I have written together with my colleague associate professor Birgitte Ravn Olesen, Roskilde University in Denmark. It is a narrative on the critical response, we got from the research community (personally and from anonymous peer reviewers) during the writing process before we got the paper published – and how we chose to incorporate these responses in the final version of the paper. Our ambition with the paper was to discuss the ethical complexity and dilemmas, which arise in the co-production of knowledge between researchers and other participants. Using a critical, reflexive approach informed by poststructuralism, we aimed at deconstructing gaps between rhetoric and practice in collaborative research (here exemplified by our own research) and critique normative understandings of the nature of ethically sound co-production processes in collaborative research. More specifically, we exposed a critical incident in our research and invited to a critical reflexive discussion on the emergent and emotional nature of collaborative research. However, instead we experienced that this exposure - and also our conduct - were criticized and categorized as unethical practice. Because of this feedback from the research community, we, therefore, found ourselves on slippery and emotionally charged ground as researchers. In the analyses, we critically reflect on the ethical and emotional dilemmas of the incident. In conclusion, we argue that, instead of omitting sensitive phenomena from the research process, it is an ethical imperative to investigate them in order to gain insight into what is at stake in dialogical, reflexive processes not only between researchers and research participants—but also between researchers in the research community.
26 mar. 2019

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  • Critical reflexivity, Collaborative research, Ethics, Emergence, Emotions, Othering

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