Moments of crisis – volcanic eruptions, environmental impacts and societal change in the northern past

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Felix Riede - Foredragsholder

Richard Tipping and colleagues noted in 2012 that major societal transformations in Scottish prehistory can be seen as ‘moments of crisis’ precipitated by climate change. In my lecture, I will build on this suggestion and focus on three such moments in the northern past, from the deep time of the Late Pleistocene to the not at all so distant 6th century AD. I present three cases, one each from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages, where distant volcanic eruptions are implicated in societal change through their impacts on past lives and livelihoods. Finally, I place the study of such ancient calamities and the societal transformations they may have been involved in a wider environmental humanities perspective.
23 jan. 2019

Ekstern organisation (Universitet)

NavnEdinburgh University, Edinburgh




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