MEGA Seminar 2023

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For this year’s MEGA seminar we wish to engage in discussions on what “the good” is, and the values and beliefs inherent in these conceptions. Since the break from the ‘dark’ anthropology of the 1980s, anthropologists have largely been emphasizing more constructive and future-oriented aspects of social life, and themes such as well-being, aspirations, dreams, and care have taken the scholarly stage. Scholars have drawn attention to human life as a struggle for the good, which enables immersion into ethics and morality as empirical categories and allows for affective approaches to understand local interpretations and responses to today’s biggest challenges. Ethnographic attention towards quests forthe good life reveals what drives people to act; upon each other, other species, and the world.

This raises questions of the character of these quests; what variations of the good can be found in them, who proposes them and how do they unfold? Moreover, how are questsrealized? Multiple quests may run parallel to one another, compete, morph, merge or collapse and make possible other worlds. What orientations, values, beliefs can we identify in them, and what do they set out to contest? Finally, what kinds of futures do the quests aim to produce and whom are they creating a good life for?

Anthropology is uniquely positioned to appraise the processes, constituencies and conditionalities embedded in quests for a good life. The scale and scope of contemporary challenges, however, calls for reflection on the state of anthropological methods and the need for innovation in the field of ethnographic inquiry. This conference therefore also invites work that considers: What is the role of anthropology to explore and disseminate what humans and non-human species hold as desires for a good life, now and in the future? What capacities does anthropology and we as scholars have to shape the world and make other worlds possible?
Periode21 aug. 202323 aug. 2023
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