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Maneuvering the Political Market of a Globalized Society

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Mads Anders Baggesgaard - Foredragsholder

  • Afdeling for Litteraturhistorie
This paper examines the changes in the relationship between literature and politics generated by the economical and financial development often termed globalization. It claims that the profound changes in the structure of the global market we are witnessing in these years in fact alters the very premises on which critical art and critical literature are based. Criticism can no longer be based on the master/slave dialectics of class struggle, but must operate in an open field were subject and object to a large extend are interchangeable, thus simultaneously undermining and reflecting its own position. It is furthermore my hope to show that this challenge in fact presents an opportunity to launch a critical art, that are not caught in the dialectical mires of modernism, but active in a new sense. I will try to explicate these points through a two-sided analysis of the novel Daewoo by the contemporary French author François Bon. On the one hand Bon addresses the suffering of contemporary capitalism through the description of the brutal closing of three Daewoo factories in Lorraine in 2002 and the subsequent pain and depression experienced by the factory workers. On the other hand Bon’s novel is itself a product, designed to be sold on the same capitalist market he is criticizing. However, as I hope to show, it is exactly Bon’s awareness of this fact and blatant use of the possibilities of the market that gives his novel it’s critical edge and force. Alongside number of French writers today such as Darrieussecq, Houellebecq and Beigbeder, Bon uses the possibilities of today’s economy abandoning as well the secluded realm of art as the avant-gardist ambition to overcome the divide, in favor of the fleeting but real conditions of capitalist economy, thus producing a credible vantage point for the criticism hereof.
10 nov. 2006

Begivenhed (Konference)

Emneon Francois Bon

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