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Riccardo Fusaroli - Gæsteunderviser

"Experimental Semiotics" intensive PhD course at Lot Winter School

Signs and language are impressive tools for coordinating behavior and thought with others, enabling especially effective and flexible forms of social interaction, perspective-taking and joint action. Adopting an experimental and quantitative perspective, the course deals with the following topics:

- Experimental investigation of sign use in social interactions and social communities.
- Dialogue as a case study: how language is shaped and adapted in the course of a conversation, how this affects ongoing joint actions.
- Which methods can be used to quantify coordination, with an introduction to recurrence quantification analysis.
- Which are the clinical applications of these lines of research? What can linguistic and social interactive impairments tell us about dialogue?

Strong emphasis is put on discussion and where possible small class exercises.
13 jan. 201418 jan. 2014


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