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Key note: Let us make it together- Corporeal awareness in education

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

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Lars Emmerik Damgaard Knudsen - Foredragsholder

The title of this conference ’Make it together’ speaks of the power to create and the collectiveness of creativity. It underlines the need to examine and discuss relations between embodiment and education in terms of both teaching methods and educational research. The French philosopher Merleau-Ponty reminds us that the body includes a fundamental openness towards the outside world and the other that precedes all cognitive states. A focus on embodiment conveys pedagogical ideas of learning in, through and with practice but it also lead to debates about theory and practice. Estelle S. Jorgensen has demonstrated how there are different models of relations between theory and practice, which epistemologically enlighten and challenges our ways of thinking and teaching. A few current examples from a Danish context illustrates this: mandatory programs of moving teaching out of school and an evaluation of students abilities to relate theory and practice are put in action to strengthen vocational educations and to include a larger array of student’s’ dispositions. However, both cases includes educational outcome that transcends practice-based ways of teaching and a need to understand the wider aspects of these is apparent – including an educational language of how understand and perform these initiatives. Parallel to these initiatives, researchers in education are increasingly becoming inspired by the aesthetics of the embodied ways of knowing. Along the early intentions of Elliot Eisner to reform academia’s methods and forms of presentation, researchers in arts-based research have been exploring how aesthetical examination and expression could benefit the examinations of processes of being and becoming in and outside education. To this end, painting, photos, stories, music and drama has been included to study how learning in, through and with practice can be conducted and presented. In this light, nuanced models of relations between theory and practice as well as an inspiration from aesthetics in arts-based research are of important inspiration to all teachers and researchers in the field of craft and creativity.

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TitelMake it together
AfholdelsesstedKøbenhavns professionshøjskole
Grad af anerkendelseInternational begivenhed


  • Kropslighed, Krop og læring, Æstetik og didaktik



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