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ISSDP: The 10th Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy

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Thomas Friis Søgaard - Deltager

In recent years territorial banning of marginalized groups and disorderly youth has moved to the center stage in debates about the urban condition and the nature of city governance. While a number of studies have sought to explore how the growing tendency to regulate urban spaces through territorial and zonal banning techniques is related to large-scale national and global transformations, this paper follows Palmer and Warren’s (2014) assertion that it is equally important to explore the more mundane developments in governing territory as a growing empirical and theoretical trend in urban governance. This paper explores how a recent shift in Danish drug policy, has come to inform the governance Danish nightlife district, and how anti-drug nightlife policies and related zonal banning systems get ontological reality through their embeddedness in local urban security ‘assemblages’ characterized by a multiplicity of governmental actors; by new forms of public-private collaboration; and by internal power struggles. In this way, the paper aims to provide new insights into how the implementation of repressive anti-drug policies is shaped by the emergence of public-private policing partnerships, street-level collaborations and novel forms of urban territorialization.
16 maj 201618 maj 2016


KonferenceISSDP: The 10th Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy

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