Ireland and the EU: Centre for Irish Studies in Aarhus: Spring Seminar Series 2017

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Graham Butler - Taler

Sara Dybris McQuaid - Taler

‘Brexit and Northern Ireland: New dynamics in old conflicts?’

The British referendum on EU Membership revealed a less than United Kingdom. The results demonstrated clear demographic divisions in terms of age, gender, education, class, city and country. Importantly, obvious divisions also emerged between the nations, which make up the United Kingdom.

While England and Wales voted to leave, a majority of voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland opted to stay. Brexit is now a powerful motor in the ongoing challenges to the future integrity of the United Kingdom posed by nationalist movements, particularly in Scotland and Northern Ireland. As such, the referendum about external relations with the EU is accelerating an internal crisis in the UK. Sara Dybris McQuaid will discussed the case of Northern Ireland and consider how (EEC) EU membership has contributed to the peace in Northern Ireland and how the result of the referendum will continue to affect the peace process and the future of Northern Ireland.
5 apr. 2017


SeminarIreland and the EU: Centre for Irish Studies in Aarhus: Spring Seminar Series 2017
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