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International workshop on “Childhood, youth and digital technologies”

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Anders Albrechtslund - Arrangør

Stine Liv Johansen - Arrangør

Today, the daily lives of children and young people is interwoven with digital technologies, in their school, family life, and leisure time. These technologies offer opportunities as well as potential threats with regards to health, lifestyle, social relations, safety, and education. In many ways, technology can support or drive innovations and transformations in children and young people’s way of learning, communicating, expressing themselves, using media etc. However, there are also many challenges; e.g. that the access to and quality of digital technologies vary greatly across social backgrounds, presenting a risk of further widening educational and cultural divides between different social groups.

This workshop will bring together transdisciplinary and international scholars studying childhood and youth with a particular interest in the transformative role of digital technologies. We seek to encourage a broad discussion about the ways in which digital technologies may facilitate skill development and learning, but at the same time potentially deepen inequalities between social groups. To achieve this goal, we want to invite contributions from a wide spectrum of perspectives.
22 mar. 201823 mar. 2018


WorkshopInternational workshop on “Childhood, youth and digital technologies”
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