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International Symposium 7-in-1(online)

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed - typerDeltagelse i eller organisering af workshop, seminar eller kursus

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Ramjee Prasad - Arrangør

Sadia Anwar - Arrangør

Gitte Kingo Andersen - Arrangør

Peter Lindgren - Taler

Albena Dimitrova Mihovska - Taler

Anders Frederiksen - Taler

Sofoklis Kyriazakos - Taler

The Overall Objective of the Symposium 7 -In- 1 is to open discussions on innovation
and its commercialization through a strong partnership between industries and
academia as well as on modern practices and methodologies in cross-/multi-/interdisciplinary
areas such as social science, technology, Business Canvas and so on. The
novel, innovative solutions for the inherited and current problems will be examined
to have a discrete system of work to be followed. The symposium will create an
atmosphere for socialization among participants and on the popular happenings in
the Digital World. It will also provide a platform for different sectors to look for new
initiatives for defining project proposals.
21 jun. 202122 jun. 2021


KonferenceInternational Symposium 7-in-1
AfholdelsesstedResearch Centre CGC Aarhus University

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