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Integrating Computing into K-16 Education: Scaffolding Teacher and Student Learning in STEM Disciplines

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Tor Ole Odden - Paneldeltager

Aman Yadav - Paneldeltager

Cathrine Wahlstrøm Tellefsen - Paneldeltager

Elisa Nadire Caeli - Andet

The increasing role of computation in today's society requires us to go beyond computer science courses to integrating computational tools and practices within disciplinary contexts. However, we know little about what integration looks like in primary, secondary, and university classrooms. In this panel, we share perspectives on the importance of developing knowledge of computation in a digitized world and how it could be integrated within disciplinary context. In particular, we will discuss what embedding computation looks like at the elementary, secondary, and university level and how it can support disciplinary learning.
18 jun. 2020

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelITiCSE '20


  • computational thinking, K-16 education

ID: 196506363