High-resolution direct optical frequency comb Raman spectroscopy of single ions: from atomic fine structures to rotational spectra of molecular ions

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Michael Drewsen - Foredragsholder

We have demonstrated the use of an optical frequency comb to coherently drive stimulated Raman transitions between terahertz-spaced atomic energy levels. Specifically, we have measured the 3d 2D3/2 - 3d 2D5/2 fine structure splitting of a single trapped 40Ca+ ion to be 1,819,599,021,534+/-8Hz, which is five times more accurate than previous measurements. In addition, Rabi oscillations with a contrast of 99.3(6)% and millisecond coherence time have been realized experimentally. Importantly, Raman transitions with level spacings ranging from sub-kHz to tens of THz range should be accessible, including hyperfine transitions in highly charged ions and spin-resolved rovibrational transitions in molecular ions.
3 feb. 2020

Begivenhed (Konference)

TitelSPIE Photonics West
AfholdelsesstedThe Moscone Center
BySan Francisco

ID: 180215893