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Sara Dybris McQuaid - Taler

Conflicts on Parade: Violence, History, Geography, identity. In Northern Ireland there is a pervasive tradition of parades, where acts; men; and victims of violence are commemorated. These parades play a significant part in rallying communities, rehearsing the living, visceral memory of violent conflict as well as re-establishing the perceived ‘other’. The parades also act as flash points for street violence, sectarian clashes and material destruction, making them pivotal points of conflict re-generation in post-conflict Northern Ireland. In this talk, I will first sketch out the current terrain of parades: Who parades? How? Why? Then, discuss possible ways of ‘re-modeling’ parades so they may remain as routes ofexpressing cultural identity, while at the same time function as important sites of conflict transformation. This talk is based around a field trip to Belfast, undertaken with a group of 14 Bachelor students in September 2013. It therefore also functions as a possible template for teaching conflict studies, out of the class room.
23 jan. 2014



ID: 69657435