Global Wireless Summit 2016

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Annabeth Aagaard - Arrangør

Global Wireless Summit is the world's largest conference on wireless technologies covering the latest advances in wireless communication technologies. It is supported by IEEE and this year's conference takes place in Aarhus, Denmark under the theme of Technology for the Betterment of Human Communication. The conference brings together academia, industry and standardization bodies to explore activities, trends and future challenges towards ICT globalization including energy and security issues in existing and future wireless technologies such as cellular, short-range, sensors, radio access, vehicular communication and embedded ones. The conferences also focus on issues in cognitive and self-organizing networks, Internet of Things, nano sensors, positioning and localization, networks without borders, recent advances in information theory and its application, multimedia applications and services. A key emphasis of this year's conference is interdisciplinarity - bridging across industries, public and private companies, universities, faculties and other knowledge societies in exploration of the newest wireless technologies pursuing new ways of communicating, new business models as well as innovative and sustainable solutions for the future.
27 nov. 201630 nov. 2016


KonferenceGlobal Wireless Summit 2016
AfholdelsesstedAarhus University

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