Getting to know gamers with psychometrics: a peek at the "Player traits and habits"-study

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

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Andreas Lieberoth - Oplægsholder

Presentation of the firs data coming out of the "Player Traits and Habits"-study, relating the 6-factor gamer motivation scales to player gaming habits and psychological traits. Questions discussed here includes what play preferences predicts problem gaming behavior (i.e. high gaming addiction trait), and wether play preferences translates to how people like to act at wok and in the classroom. (N=426 and counting, 14 psychometric subscales, 5x4 habit mappings). Data not included online, since this study is still in progress.

Begivenhed (Konference)

Forkortet titelPOGO 2013
AfholdelsesstedAalborg University Copenhagen

ID: 59165388