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Michael Eilenberg - Medlem

The Forced Migration Research Hub provides a virtual home for scholarship on emerging and long-standing issues in the field of forced migration.

Refugees, undocumented labour migrants, stateless people and asylum seekers all fall within the scope of our research. We are equally concerned with the ideological currents and power relations that stratify access to mobility through border control,labor markets, citizenship and humanitarian norms.

The Forced Migration Research Hub provides a space to generate dialogue, drive research agendas, inspire collaborations and also to share research tools, resources and outcomes.Our focus is on the Asia Pacific region and its intersection with global currents in forced migration.

The ForMHub is hosted by Swinburne University of Technology. Its establishment is overseen by a small Melbourne-based steering committee led by Anne McNevin (RMIT) and Sandy Gifford (Swinburne University).
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