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Finds Research Group (Ekstern organisation)

Aktivitet: Medlemsskab - typerMedlemskab af forskningsnetværk

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Rainer Atzbach - Medlem

  • Afdeling for Middelalder- og Renæssancearkæologi
The Finds Research Group is a forum for people interested in or researching artefacts of the Anglo-Saxon, Viking, medieval and post-medieval periods. The main activities of FRG include themed Day conferences held twice a year and the production of information sheets on different types of objects (Datasheets).

The FRG provides a means by which specialists, finds workers, museum professionals and other interested persons can communicate and discuss topics relevant to the subject of finds identification and interpretation.

To find out more please browse our website or feel free to contact our membership secretary Katey Goodwin at jandkgoodwin@talktalk.net for details of our next meetings or further information.

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