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European Association of Archaeologists 2016

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Rainer Atzbach - Taler

Freezing Danes and Strangers - The Tile Stove Heating in "Danish" and "Strangers'" Households This paper seeks to explore, in how far it is possible to identify common traces or differences between "Danish" and immigrant households in Aalborg and Elsinore during the renaissance. The focus will be put on stove tiles as type of material culture with a solid background of research and many possibilities to identify the origin of fabric, decoration and use. Moreover, the position of a stove in the house and its relationship to the development of dwelling habits will be discussed. Paper internet id 3
31 aug. 20164 sep. 2016


KonferenceEuropean Association of Archaeologists 2016
AfholdelsesstedVilnius University

ID: 102394184