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Doctoral Training

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed - typerDeltagelse i eller organisering af workshop, seminar eller kursus

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Malthe Stavning Erslev - Arrangør

Susanne Holm - Arrangør

Iben Have - Arrangør

Ph.d.-kursus med det formål at understøtte udvikling af nogle centrale kompetencer, der hører til ph.d.-uddannelsen, men som ikke ellers indgår i regelmæssige ph.d.-kurser.

Bekrivelse af kurset (findes kun på engelsk):
In the transformation from graduate to researcher that marks the PhD education, the student gradually needs to develop the ability and competence to navigate the often tacitly organized world of research. From first-year fellows needing basic understanding of the structure of the university, including administration and research groups, to nearly-finished fellows in acute need of funding advice, this course seeks to provide graduate students at Arts, Aarhus University with an opportunity to demystify and gain specific knowledge about the in-and-outs of the modern university world.
The course is organized as a series of subject-specific course elements, each of which award a certain amount of ECTS credits for participation. Each course element will exist on an opt-in basis, as PhD fellows at different stages in their education can opt in on desired course elements without committing to the entirety of the course elements. The course aims at meeting the common needs of PhD fellows, i.e. those skills and competences that are, or will likely be, necessary for virtually any PhD to master in order to successfully navigate today's academic landscape.
At each course element, the course brings in a trained expert to guide and/or counsel the participating fellows in the topic. Furthermore, participating fellows will serve as peer-to-peer discussion partners, and will often be asked to produce academic content - and to respond to other fellows' produced content. In this way, the course elements will certify its relevance to active/ongoing research-oriented issues from the participating fellows.
15 mar. 20218 jun. 2021


KursusDoctoral Training
AfholdelsesstedICT, Media, Communication and Journalism

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