Developing Global Networks

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Abstract Alumni from courses financed by foreign aid form global networks. In the case of development, the alumni are weak ties as defined by the sociologist Granovetter in 1973 and establish south-south as well as south-north connections. Japan first offered ODA financed courses in 1954 through the Colombo Plan and more than half a million alumni of these courses held during the 50 year period have made and in some instances maintained the connections. Many alumni come from the rest of Asia, but others come from African countries, eastern European countries and South America and Mexico. Many alumni function as unofficial ambassadors for Japan in their home countries upon return. In order to benefit optimally from the potential of these contacts, The Association of Overseas Technical Scholarships (AOTS) and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) both distribute newsletters to all alumni and support alumni societies in the home countries of the course participants. The paper explores how formal channels of communication for alumni who attended courses in Japan make a community tied to its shared overseas experience global in scope. Based on considerations of preferential attachment and weak ties within network theory, the paper argues that the globality of the alumni network is central to our understanding of development in the 20th Century. The Japanese case illustrates how a high degree of institutional formality makes the network more transparent for the alumni to navigate, AOTS and JICA to utilize, and the researcher to trace and map. A focus on the Association of Overseas Technical Scholarships (AOTS) newsletters, alumni societies, and fiftieth anniversary celebration in 2009 examplifies the formality of and interest in network initiatives in connection with Japanese ODA.
16 dec. 2010


KonferenceDeveloping Global Networks


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