DASTS 2022

Aktivitet: Deltagelse i eller arrangement af en begivenhed - typerDeltagelse i eller organisering af konference


The world seems to be filled with ruptures. Ongoing migration issues, pandemics, mistrust in institutions, climate change catastrophes, among other chronic and unresolved crises. It is compelling to interrogate the status and demands of STS-oriented research in the moment during, after, with, and despite ruptures: How do we live with them? Should we (re)construct or maintain the “normal”? What do we leave behind and what do we repair?

DASTS 2022 provides a platform to gather and share ongoing and emergent STS-related research, particularly in Denmark and the Nordic space. Here, we want to discuss how the current landscape of STS methods and theories inform and impact maintenance practices and reactions to ruptures.
Periode2 jun. 20223 jun. 2022
PlaceringAarhus, DanmarkVis på kort


  • STS
  • Konference
  • Science and technology studies