Dark Heritage

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Sara Dybris McQuaid - Taler

'”Still kept in the dark?” Privatising everyday violence and publicising everyday peace in Northern Ireland’ Sara Dybris McQuaid In the absence of a political agreement on an overall mechanism for dealing with the past in Northern Ireland, storytelling has become a prevalent mode of addressing the legacy of violent conflict. Now assembled in instantly accessible online archives this, at once material and immaterial heritage, is both shaped by and shaping the contested realm in which it is conceived. Adopting the idea that storytelling as a form of ‘witnessing’ is also an ethico-political act (Kurasawa 2009), my research discusses what kind of discourses may be empowered and which ones marginalised or subsumed in the particular conflict context of the archive. Not least, to what extent storytelling can form a channel through which private experience and emotions can be transformed, deprivatised and deindividualised.
10 mar. 201611 mar. 2016


KonferenceDark Heritage

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