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Critical perspectives on agency and social justice in transitions and career development

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Helle Merete Nordentoft - Arrangør

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In the Nordic countries, there has been little research considering the questions of agency and social justice in relation to career development and transitions. This conference intends to establish agency and social justice as important perspectives by addressing topical issues that have been the subject of much discussion in the Nordic countries and beyond, both within the political sphere and the wider public debate.

The conference therefore seeks to bring together researchers from different disciplines interested in interdisciplinary and critical approaches to the ways in which we understand and work with transitions, social justice and agency in professional practices targeting young people and adults.

The conference is organized by the Guidance Research Unit at the Danish School of Education alongside a group of researchers within the Danish National Network for Research in Guidance and the Swedish research network Career Development and Career Guidance, KAV (Karriärutveckling och karriärvägledning)
23 okt. 201924 okt. 2019


KonferenceCritical perspectives on agency and social justice in transitions and career development


  • Critical, Guidance, Agency, Transition, Social Justice

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