Creative Processes and the Politics of Peacebuilding

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Sara Dybris McQuaid - Arrangør

Public seminar with Professor of International Peacebuilding/University of Notre Dame John Paul Lederach, Director of Healing Through Remembering/Northern Ireland, Kate Turner, Deputy Country Director of Mercy Corps/Kenya Amollo Maurice.
Visual arts, theatre, music, dance, literature, sports and popular culture have important parts to play in the pursuit of peace. They are used to support communities in campaigns of non-violent resistance to abuses of power; to create opportunities for building bridges across differences; and to imagine a future free from violent conflict. An arts-based approach to peacebuilding may embrace the many paradoxes inherent in political processes from war to peace, which are not easily articulated or held captive in a politics of human rights and politics of peace. Constructing a culture of peace more broadly is ideally a positive, dynamic, participatory process linked to democracy, justice and development for all and a dynamically transformation of conflicts by non-violent means into new avenues of cooperation and change. In reality, these idealized goals are often caught up in profoundly antagonistic political processes.

Two questions will be examined in this seminar: How the arts can form part of processes of peacebuilding, conflict prevention, conflict mitigation/resolution, and memorialization; and what is the art of peacebuilding: how cultures of peace can be developed and nourished, even when cultural differences may be at the heart of contestations and welded to political and economic power.
30 nov. 2016


KonferenceCreative Processes and the Politics of Peacebuilding
AfholdelsesstedCentre for Resolution of International Conflicts/Political Science KU


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