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Malou Juelskjær - Foredragsholder

Malou Juelskjær reads
“Abyssal intimacies and temporalities of care”, written by Astrid Schrader
The selected paragraph focuses on how to care on a distance, being in touch rather than touching, feeling touched through listening and moved through reading, about the need of learning how to listen and finally she points out how reading for each other can be a way of caring for one another, showing that we also care about even the minor or those we do not yet have a relation to: “Learning to become affected also entails learning that the other, any other, is permanently ‘not yet’. A caring subject is always out-of-sync with itself – always too early or too late to be itself. While we may have to choose our particular struggles, we do not have to decide in advance about whom to care. Compassion and care as affective relations or modes of attention do not take time, they rather make time differently. What we actually care about depends on encounters that could be both entirely random and authoritatively imposed.”
3 mar. 20201 apr. 2020

Begivenhed (Seminar)

TitelReading Circle: reading continues at home / Studio Dass Weisse Haus and Malou Solfjeld
Grad af anerkendelseInternational begivenhed


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