Aktivitet: Ekstern undervisning og EksamenEksamination

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Michael Alrøe - Eksaminator

Hjalte Krebs Sandholm - Eksaminator

Motor-sport teams inquire for a new athlete monitoring device because the athletes who compete in motor-sport experiences several extraordinary stresses during competitive racing. A project launched by Danish Aerospace Company concerns the development of a monitoring device called Ear-monitor, which is intended for assisting the racing teams during exhaustive racing.
The paper concerns the research and development of a novel earpiece monitoring device, which can record physiological information within the users’ ear. A thorough literature search identified the primary stresses which motor-sport athletes experiences and serve as the foundation for the identification of relevant sensor technologies. The scope of the paper is to provide design suggestions to an earpiece and an alternative pulse oximetry technology that can be fused. Furthermore, different management tools are used to ensure that a common project flow it withheld. Different methods and procedures are used in the development of corporeal and theoretical designs.
The performance of the final Ear-monitor is evaluated through an experiment including 15 test subjects, where pulse oximetry data is collected from the Ear-monitor and a golden standard device. Stringent protocols are used to reinforce a consistent experimental procedure with high trustworthiness and allow for verification by other interests. Data from the experiment is processed with a dynamic MATLAB program that generates comparable pulse oximetry samples.
Statistical analysis shows that the Ear-monitors capability of measuring Heart rate (HR), is not significantly different from the ground truth. Furthermore, the analysis shows that the Ear-monitors capability of estimating arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), is significantly different from the ground truth. The results of the statistical analysis and the future of the Ear-monitor project are debated in the termination sections of the project.
jun. 2019

ID: 159857805