Caesar's forum, Imperial fora, and use of space - long term development

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Line Egelund Hejlskov - Foredragsholder

Forum Iulium was the first of what came to be known as the Imperial Fora. It remained in use throughout the Imperial period and Late Antiquity - even when new and larger Imperial Fora where built - but was largely forgotten in the Medieval Period. Forum Iulium was a source of inspiration for the emperors who built the later Imperial Fora, and the later Imperial Fora were all placed in close connection to each other, thus making them deeply entangled public spaces. As with Forum Iulium, the use of these Imperial Fora and their spaces all developed greatly from their period of construction, throughout Late Antiquity, and into the Medieval Period. In order to understand the long-term development of use in Forum Iulium, it is therefore important to include and examine the other Imperial Fora and the long-term development visible here from their construction, through the Late Antiquity, and into the Medieval period. In my talk, I will try to address some of this long-term development visible in Caesar's forum as well as the other Imperial Fora, and expand on my ongoing PhD-project.
9 okt. 2018


NavnInstitut for Kultur og Samfund - Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet)
Dato03/02/2015 → …
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