Brexit Workshop

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Sara Dybris McQuaid - Arrangør

This first Brexit workshop hosted at Rysensteen Gymnasium (secondary education) was designed to identify gaps in teaching materials for secondary education as well as both students’ and teachers’ knowledge. The main questions for the workshop were 1) What is at stake with Brexit, and what aspects (other than trade and economy) does it affect? 2) What is the best way to convey such a complex matter as Brexit? 3) What material already exists which may be used in a Brexit context? The 14 secondary school teachers, who participated in the workshop, identified gaps in teaching Brexit and Ireland, and exchanged ideas on how they addressed the topic, as well as discussed the challenges of teaching it, e.g. complexity of the topic, lack of prior knowledge, and identifying a great approach which speaks to the students.

The workshop consisted of three parts:
1) Exchange between the teachers and how they have taught/would teach a complex matter like Brexit – what have the focus points been in their teaching? Sara Dybris McQuaid opened the discussion by presenting the different ways she teaches it at university level, for instance focused around borders, Brexit as comparative British history, and ‘Four Nation and a Funeral’.
2. Lecture by Sara Dybris McQuaid on “Walking Wounded”, bringing Ireland, the Peace Process, and other collateral Brexit damages into focus to create an understanding of the Irish perspective, which is lacking in teaching materials, and therefore in the teaching.
3. Teaching the culture of Brexit: Introduction to a selection of sources and examples to kick off a joint discussion about new ways of understanding and what we need (in terms of background materials, conceptual frameworks, analytical lenses) to get there.
16 nov. 2018


WorkshopBrexit Workshop
AfholdelsesstedRysensteen Gymnasium


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