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Automated clinical decision support tools using speech signal analysis

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Riccardo Fusaroli - Arrangør

Title: Automated clinical decision support tools using speech signal analysis: theory and applications A workshop in two parts - March 18th - Interacting Minds Center (Nobel Parken, building 1483, 3rd floor) by Athanasios Tsanas (http://people.maths.ox.ac.uk/tsanas/) - Oxford University -- Speech signal analysis finds application in diverse settings, and has lately shown great promise in medical applications. In this workshop, I will provide a short overview of the voice signal production mechanism, and then will focus on the acoustic/prosodic properties of the human voice and the algorithmic concepts for extracting clinically useful patterns. I will discuss some of the most successful algorithms across some of the projects I have been involved with, and outline areas of interest for future development. Finally, we will see how these patterns can be used as part of robust, automated decision support tools assisting medical professionals on their day-to-day clinical praxis. -- 9.00-12.30 - Voice Analysis: a Matlab hands-on Technical aspects of voice features extraction and their analysis. This part requires familiarity with Matlab (and access to the Signal Processing Toolbox) and will involve some hands-on exercises. -- 13.30-17.00 - Voice Analysis: clinical applications The afternoon part will be dedicated to the applications of voice analysis to clinical contexts. It does not require any Matlab (or otherwise technical) expertise. -- The workshop is organised as part of the "Clinical Voices" IMC seed project.
18 mar. 2013


WorkshopAutomated clinical decision support tools using speech signal analysis


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