Autoantibodies to the Endothelin-1 Receptor type A and the Angiotensin II Receptor type 1 in Patients with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and Preeclampsia

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Functional autoantibodies against the Angiotensin II Receptor type 1 (AT1-AA), and the Endothelin-1 Receptor type A (ETA-AA) which belong to the class of functional autoantibodies, has been discovered in patients with preeclampsia and in rodent models of pregnancy induced hypertension. The aim of the study was to investigate the expression of these autoantibodies in relation to disease progression
Study design
We included 10 controls and 41 cases defined as patients with gestational induced hypertension, preeclampsia/HELLP Syndrome.
Main outcome
Serum obtained in the first trimester as well as serum obtained at the time of disease development were analyzed by the means of a biological assay of beating cardiomyocytes. Furthermore, we measured the protein expression of IL-17A in these samples.
100% of samples from patients with gestational induced hypertension, preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome expressed AT1-AA at time of clinical symptoms, but not in samples from the first trimester. 44% of samples from patients with severe preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome expressed ETA-AA but only at time of clinical symptoms. The controls expressed neither AT1-AA nor ETA-AA. Approximately 40% of patients with severe preeclampsia of HELLP syndrome expressed IL-17A both at time at onset of symptoms, and in the first trimester.
Autoantibodies against the Angiotensin II receptor 1 and Endothelin receptor are developed in relation to pregnancy induced hypertension and not present in the start of the pregnancy in these patients. IL-17A is increased in some patients with severe preeclampsia but the expression is not related to development of clinical symptoms.
31 aug. 2018

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Titel15th Conference of the European Society for Reproductive Immunology
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