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Rikke Toft Nørgård

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Rikke Toft Nørgård
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Conducting research on digital games as well as digital learning and interaction design, my research is focused on the relations between corporeal and digital interaction, learning and experience within digital gaming, learning and interaction settings. Particularly, the gameful, playful and learnful interactions that emerges when humans engages with digital (game)design. My research centre around the connections between humans' corporeal-locomotive interaction, learning and experience and the digital game's or design's configuration and choreography of these interactions and experiences. In other words, focus is on how humans through corporeal actions configure and choreograph their (designed) interaction, learning and experience and on how games and designs configire and coreograph human interaction, learning and experience through the patters and spaces they present. Thus, my research is aimed at conceptualizing, analyzing and conveying the dynamic processes and interrelations there exist between what could be labeled corporeal digitality and digital corporealitywith a special focus on the corporeal-locomotive dimension as a qualitative and significant dimension in interaction, learning and experience.

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