The bonobo genome compared with the chimpanzee and human genomes

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  • Kay Prüfer
    Kay Prüfer
  • Kasper Munch
  • Ines Hellmann
    Ines Hellmann
  • Keiko Akagi
    Keiko Akagi
  • Jason R Miller
    Jason R Miller
  • Brian Walenz
    Brian Walenz
  • Sergey Koren
    Sergey Koren
  • Granger Sutton
    Granger Sutton
  • Chinnappa Kodira
    Chinnappa Kodira
  • Roger Winer
    Roger Winer
  • James R Knight
    James R Knight
  • James C Mullikin
    James C Mullikin
  • Stephen J Meader
    Stephen J Meader
  • Chris P Ponting
    Chris P Ponting
  • Gerton Lunter
    Gerton Lunter
  • Saneyuki Higashino
    Saneyuki Higashino
  • Asger Hobolth
  • Julien Dutheil
    Julien DutheilDenmark
  • Emre Karakoç
    Emre Karakoç
  • Can Alkan
    Can Alkan
  • Saba Sajjadian
    Saba Sajjadian
  • Claudia Rita Catacchio
    Claudia Rita Catacchio
  • Mario Ventura
    Mario Ventura
  • Tomas Marques-Bonet
    Tomas Marques-Bonet
  • Evan E Eichler
    Evan E Eichler
  • Claudine André
    Claudine André
  • Rebeca Atencia
    Rebeca Atencia
  • Lawrence Mugisha
    Lawrence Mugisha
  • Jörg Junhold
    Jörg Junhold
  • Nick Patterson
    Nick Patterson
  • Michael Siebauer
    Michael Siebauer
  • Jeffrey M Good
    Jeffrey M Good
  • Anne Fischer
    Anne Fischer
  • Susan E Ptak
    Susan E Ptak
  • Michael Lachmann
    Michael Lachmann
  • David E Symer
    David E Symer
  • Thomas Mailund
  • Mikkel H Schierup
  • Aida M Andrés
    Aida M Andrés
  • Janet Kelso
    Janet Kelso
  • Svante Pääbo
    Svante Pääbo
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Issue number7404
Pages (from-to)527-31
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StatePublished - 2012

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