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Common variant at 16p11.2 conferring risk of psychosis

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  • S Steinberg
    S Steinberg
  • S de Jong
    S de Jong
  • M Mattheisen
    M Mattheisen
  • J Costas
    J Costas
  • D Demontis
  • S Jamain
    S Jamain
  • O P H Pietiläinen
    O P H Pietiläinen
  • K Lin
    K Lin
  • S Papiol
    S Papiol
  • J Huttenlocher
    J Huttenlocher
  • E Sigurdsson
    E Sigurdsson
  • E Vassos
    E Vassos
  • I Giegling
    I Giegling
  • R Breuer
    R Breuer
  • G Fraser
    G Fraser
  • N Walker
    N Walker
  • I Melle
    I Melle
  • S Djurovic
    S Djurovic
  • I Agartz
    I Agartz
  • A Tuulio-Henriksson
    A Tuulio-Henriksson
  • J Suvisaari
    J Suvisaari
  • J Lönnqvist
    J Lönnqvist
  • T Paunio
    T Paunio
  • L Olsen
    L Olsen
  • T Hansen
    T Hansen
  • A Ingason
    A Ingason
  • M Pirinen
    M Pirinen
  • E Strengman
    E Strengman
  • D M Hougaard
    D M Hougaard
  • T Orntoft
  • M Didriksen
    M Didriksen
  • M V Hollegaard
    M V HollegaardDenmark
  • Merete Nordentoft
    Merete NordentoftSUND ph.d. skoleDenmark
  • L Abramova
    L Abramova
  • V Kaleda
    V Kaleda
  • M Arrojo
    M Arrojo
  • J Sanjuán
    J Sanjuán
  • C Arango
    C Arango
  • B Etain
    B Etain
  • F Bellivier
    F Bellivier
  • A Méary
    A Méary
  • F Schürhoff
    F Schürhoff
  • A Szoke
    A Szoke
  • M Ribolsi
    M Ribolsi
  • V Magni
    V Magni
  • A Siracusano
    A Siracusano
  • S Sperling
    S Sperling
  • M Rossner
    M Rossner
  • C Christiansen
    C Christiansen
  • L A Kiemeney
    L A Kiemeney
  • B Franke
    B Franke
  • L H van den Berg
    L H van den Berg
  • J Veldink
    J Veldink
  • S Curran
    S Curran
  • P Bolton
    P Bolton
  • M Poot
    M Poot
  • W Staal
    W Staal
  • K Rehnstrom
    K Rehnstrom
  • H Kilpinen
    H Kilpinen
  • C M Freitag
    C M Freitag
  • J Meyer
    J Meyer
  • P Magnusson
    P Magnusson
  • E Saemundsen
    E Saemundsen
  • I Martsenkovsky
    I Martsenkovsky
  • I Bikshaieva
    I Bikshaieva
  • I Martsenkovska
    I Martsenkovska
  • O Vashchenko
    O Vashchenko
  • M Raleva
    M Raleva
  • K Paketchieva
    K Paketchieva
  • B Stefanovski
    B Stefanovski
  • N Durmishi
    N Durmishi
  • M Pejovic Milovancevic
    M Pejovic Milovancevic
  • D Lecic Tosevski
    D Lecic Tosevski
  • T Silagadze
    T Silagadze
  • N Naneishvili
    N Naneishvili
  • N Mikeladze
    N Mikeladze
  • S Surguladze
    S Surguladze
  • J B Vincent
    J B Vincent
  • A Farmer
    A Farmer
  • P B Mitchell
    P B Mitchell
  • A Wright
    A Wright
  • P R Schofield
    P R Schofield
  • J M Fullerton
    J M Fullerton
  • G W Montgomery
    G W Montgomery
  • N G Martin
    N G Martin
  • I A Rubino
    I A Rubino
  • R van Winkel
    R van Winkel
  • G Kenis
    G Kenis
  • M De Hert
    M De Hert
  • J M Réthelyi
    J M Réthelyi
  • I Bitter
    I Bitter
  • L Terenius
    L Terenius
  • E G Jönsson
    E G Jönsson
  • S Bakker
    S Bakker
  • J van Os
    J van Os
  • A Jablensky
    A Jablensky
  • M Leboyer
    M Leboyer
  • E Bramon
    E Bramon
  • J Powell
    J Powell
  • R Murray
    R Murray
  • A Corvin
    A Corvin
  • M Gill
    M Gill
  • D Morris
    D Morris
  • F A O'Neill
    F A O'Neill
  • K Kendler
    K Kendler
  • B Riley
    B Riley
  • N Craddock
    N Craddock
  • M J Owen
    M J Owen
  • M C O'Donovan
    M C O'Donovan
  • U Thorsteinsdottir
    U Thorsteinsdottir
  • A Kong
    A Kong
  • H Ehrenreich
    H Ehrenreich
  • A Carracedo
    A Carracedo
  • V Golimbet
    V Golimbet
  • O A Andreassen
    O A Andreassen
  • A D Børglum
  • O Mors
  • P B Mortensen
  • Thomas Werge
    Thomas WergeNeuro- og SansefagDenmark
  • R A Ophoff
    R A Ophoff
  • M M Nöthen
    M M Nöthen
  • M Rietschel
    M Rietschel
  • S Cichon
    S Cichon
  • M Ruggeri
    M Ruggeri
  • S Tosato
    S Tosato
  • A Palotie
    A Palotie
  • D St Clair
    D St Clair
  • D Rujescu
    D Rujescu
  • D A Collier
    D A Collier
  • H Stefansson
    H Stefansson
  • K Stefansson
    K Stefansson
Original languageEnglish
JournalMolecular Psychiatry
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)108-114
StatePublished - 2014

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ID: 51136044