Parliamentary Scrutiny of International Politics


  • Finke, Daniel (Project participant)
  • Pintz, Anne, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Bucher, Jan, Denmark (Project participant)
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Confronted with an increasing level of internationalization political scientists have
asked whether there is “a democratic deficit in world politics”. In this context par-
liamentary scrutiny has been discussed as one prominent approach to increase the
democratic legitimacy of international politics by reducing the level of governmen-
tal discretion.
Yet, what resources and which institutional design are necessary for an effective
parliamentary scrutiny of international politics? To answer this question the
PARSIP project compares parliamentary scrutiny of foreign policy making in Ger-
many, Finland, France and Denmark.
Financing sourcePrivate funding (private)
Research programmeFritz Thyssen Foundation
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Amount170,000.00 Euro

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