Successful School Leadership


  • Moos, Lejf (Project Manager, organisational)
  • Jensen, Bent Brandt, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Kofod, Kasper (Project participant)
  • Krejsler, John B. (Project participant)
  • Day, C, U o Nottingham, Denmark (Project Manager, academic)
  • Møller, J, U o Oslo, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Johansson, O, U o Umeå, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Leithwood, K, OISE/UToronto, Denmark (Project Manager, academic)
  • Gurr, D, U o Melbourne, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Mulford, B, U o Tasmania, Denmark (Project participant)
  • Wong, K C, U o Hong Kong, Denmark (Project participant)
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The project is looking into the relations between successful school leadership and students ?outcome of schooling.The concepts 'successful' and 'students' outcome? are natural aspects of school-thinking in many parts of the world. That is obvious when looking at the international comparisons. In Denmark we discuss whether this kind of examinations were able to catch the most important aspects of what is going on in our schools.The Danish part of this project and The Egmont Foundation has stresses the importance of looking into the relations between successful school lead-ership and students developing comprehensive, communicative competences. The project collects data form a variety of sources, first and foremost from school leaders, teachers, students, parents and local authorities. The results will be compared and put into perspective by the international results and shall therefore produce an unique Danish and international body of knowledge for school leaders, politicians and leader educators.The project is part of the international project 'Successful School Leaderhip, Characteristics and Contexts' with partners in England (Chis Day), Can-ada (Ken Leithwood), Australia (Bill Mullford), Hong Kong , Swede (Olof Johansson) and Norway (Jorunn Møller).
Research programmeEgmont Fonden
Amount1,300,000.00 Danish Kroner


  • Ledelse, Grundskole

ID: 32247088