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Venka Simovska

PhD, Professor

Venka Simovska


Research interests

Interdisciplinary research combining psychology, social science, educational science and health promotion sciences. More specificaly: Discourses within health and wellbeing education and promotion, the paradigm of Health (Wellbeing) Promoting Schools; (Post)Critical educational theory; Participatory and action-focused learning processes; Participation and (dis)engagement; Well-being and whole-school development; Transformation processes on the trajectories from policy to school practices; Implementation (enactment) of complex interventions in schools. Qualitative, mixed and plural method research approaches: case study, interview, observation. Constructivist and trans-epistemologies. Interpretive and (post)critical research paradigms.


Emerald Literati Club Awards for Excellence:

  • 2015: Outstanding Reviewer
  • 2011: Outstanding Reviewer
  • 2005: Outstanding Journal Aricle

Doctoral  and postdoctoral research supervision

Main supervisor - Denis Francesconi Postdoc (2018-2020) Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoc scholarship "School for Quality of Life. Policy, practice and theory for a quality of life approach in European school systems"

Main supervisor - Nis Langer Primdahl PhD student (2018-2021): A "Contemplative Turn" in Danish Classrooms?Questioning the (un)intended effects of contemplative practices in Danish Schools. AU Open Call Scholarship. 

Main supervisor - Cecilia Petrine Molander Pedersen PhD student  (2014-2019): Promoting Wellbeing in Children in Greendland. Joint PhD degree with the University of Greendland, Department of Learning

Main supervisor - Line Anne Roien PhD student (2015--2018): Sexuality, Subjectivity and Society: The role of school-based sexuality education

Main supervisor: Irene Torres 2017 (PhD finalised): Opportunities for school-based health promotion in farming communities of Ecuador: A health-promoting school perspective.  Aarhus University.

Main supervior: Lone Lindegaard Nordin 2013 (PhD finalised): Fra Politik til praksis - (From Policy to Practice - Implementation of municipal health promotion projects in schools with focus on healthy eating, physical activity and action competence: Teachers' perspectives). Aarhus University. 

Main Supervisor: Helle Schnor 2012 (PhD finalised): Håndtering af kronisk sygdom i et hverddagslivs- og sundhedspædagogisk perspektiv: Et kvalitativt studie af hvorden mennesker med hjertesvigt lærer at håndtere hverdagen med kronisk sygdom. Aarhus Universittet. (Managing chronic illness - an everydaylife and health educational perspective:  Qualitative studye on how people with a heart failure learn to manage their everyday lives). Aarhus University.

Main supervisor: Rachael Kaki Nymai 2010 (PhD finalised) Teachers' competence and pupils' participation in HIV/AIDS education in schools: A participatory action research in Kitui district, Kenya. A PhD study and research collaboration between DPU, Kenyatta University, Kenya, and the Centre for Health Research and Development, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences University of Copenhagen.


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