Pia Frederiksen

Head of Section/Senior Researcher

Pia Frederiksen
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Project manager for the following project(s):

National co-ordination:

  • Baltic Sea programme: Waterpraxis - Implementation of the Water Framework Directive. WP3 leader: Institutional issues in Water planning. http://www.waterpraxis.net

Project partner:

  • EU-FP7 project, VOLANTE: Visions of Land System Change in Europe http://www.volante-project.eu
  • EU-FP7 project, LIAISE: Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise
  • Cluster project: Baltic Impulse - Saving the Baltic Sea waters
  • DCE project: Udvikling af analysemetoder for energi- og stofstrømme i forskellige transportløsninger

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About the Department of Environmental Science

The department was establihed June 2011 by a merger of three research departments at the former National Environmental Research Institute (NERI). 
The role of NERI has been transferred to the Department of Environmental Science and other institutes at Aarhus University, in cooperation with DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy


DCE is Aarhus University’s central unit for knowledge exchange within the areas of nature, environment, climate and energy. DCE eplaces the former National Environmental Research Institute (NERI).

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